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What happened to ADU 3B

After Le Mans 1965 the car was displayed in the showroom of the French importer Voitures Monceau at the Champs Elisee in Paris. It is not clear if the car went back to the factory or stayed in France. The car was sold to the Triumph dealer Barailler in Nice and later registered with the registration mark ‘2689 RE 06’ (06 = Alpes Maritime-Nice). The car was sold again in 1968 and the new owner Mr. Bernard Olle, a restaurant owner, registered it on the 15.01.1968. Mr. Olle used the car for racing in the south of France until he had an accident with the car at the Rally du Vard in 1970. The car was brought to the garage ‘Carroserie Albax’ in Nice for repair. The car stayed there until 1989 when it was traced by a french enthusiast. The car was stored then for the planned restoration. But nothing happened for many years and the car was sold in 2000 within France. The new owner wants to restore the car now.

ADU 3B at its final works race at Le Mans 1965.

The nearside was damaged and the alumi- nium is very delicate but leightweight.

This is how the car was found in 1989.

The interior needs a full restoration and hopefully all the bits and pieces can be rebuild.

The bonnet is in fair condition with some cracks and needs new lens covers.

This is ADU 3B today. The car is more or less complete in its major components but dismantled for some time. It lost the Le Mans spec. chassis and engine at some point in its life and has now a standard Spitfire chassis and a Triumph 1300 engine. The fibreglass has become brittle and has cracked in some areas. The car is still in France and has just changed hands and the new owner wants to restore it now.


Some of the outer panels are damaged and taken off and it will take a big effort to bring the car back to original condition. At some point it was painted metallic green and silver. I am looking forward to see the car back on the road.