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This is the aluminium cylinderhead. It is of complete different design, even compared to the Stage II 8-port head. Note the elongated, oval inlet ports and the different angle of the spark plugs. The circular plate on the back gives access to a removable water jacket.

These are the matching inlet manifolds. The cast in webs on top were added after some tests which have showed cracks due to vibration.

This is the cast iron head as used on the 1964 Le Mans cars. It is of similar design but has smaller circular inlet ports. For this head were used 42 DCOE Weber carburettors, for the aluminium head bigger 45 DCOE.

This is a works prepared camshaft. Note the polishing to prevent cracking.

The Smiths aircraft style clock with integrated stopwatch is located at the dashboard in front of the navigator.


Good news! At this time (Oct. 2003) a batch of Le Mans wheels are under production. They are made to the original spec. in 5.5 inch width by the well known company Compomotive in aluminium. They come with all necessary fittings. I have ordered 2 sets for ADU 7B. So hurry to get your set, only a few sets left. You can contact Mark at: mark@jigsaw-racing.freeserve.co.uk or check his website at: http://www.jigsawracingservices.co.uk/